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Loss of Libido

Men don't care to discuss it; neither do their accomplices. Be that as it may, loss of libido in men or restrained sexual want focuses on marriage more than some other sexual brokenness,

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Nightfall is additionally alluded to as wet dreams. It is a typical issue in adolescents. The essential quality of wet dreams is the startling and automatic discharge while one is sleeping

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Painful Sex

You may discover discussing sex humiliating, however, always remember that specialists are accustomed to managing issues this way. Torment during sex can influence the two people.

About Clinic

Our doctors believe that almost one-third of the worldwide population suffers from one or the other sexual problem. The majority of which don’t even realize the same. Since discussing sexual ailments is considered taboo in our society people still shy away from talking about their problems to health experts. The lifestyle, stress, pollution, eating, drinking, and smoking habits only add to the problem. Many families fall apart because of sexual disorders, which can be easily treated. In this society with cutthroat competition for everything, stress and anxiety are the major cause due to which there can be a decrease in sexual performances in either males or females.It’s well known that men see doctors much less frequently than women. Among male comrades they always discuss how they always need to be sexually competent. So visiting a sex specialist makes them insecure and anxious.


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30 min | ₹3,500

Female Fertility Test lets you know about your future fertile life. Book this test if you want to get sure if there is something wrong with your reproductive system. Diagnosis from a Female Gynaecologist is included with this test.


30 min | ₹2,100

What if you are sure about your Partner’s Sexual Health before marriage? There is an exponential rise in Infertility cases in India. Both the partners are equally responsible for the problems in conceiving baby after marriage.


30 min | ₹2,200

Male or Female, Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are common problems that the youth is facing. This is because of unprotected sex and one of a reason is having multiple sex partners.


Somalika Barman

I found the answers provided by the Dr. A. K Jain to be practical. Thanks,nd after test, it's negative

Nov 22, 2019


Dr. A. K Jain provides answers that are very helpful and saved my life. Useful

Nov 17, 2019

Praveenkumar N.Desaj

Dr. A. K Jain provides answers that are very helpful, inspiring, practical and well-reasoned. Very good suggestion.

Dec 11, 2019