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Our doctors believe that almost one-third of the worldwide population suffers from one or the other sexual problem. The majority of which don’t even realize the same. Since discussing sexual ailments is considered taboo in our society people still shy away from talking about their problems to health experts. The lifestyle, stress, pollution, eating, drinking, and smoking habits only add to the problem. Many families fall apart because of sexual disorders, which can be easily treated.

In this society with cutthroat competition for everything, stress and anxiety are the major cause due to which there can be a decrease in sexual performances in either males or females.It’s well known that men see doctors much less frequently than women. Among male comrades they always discuss how they always need to be sexually competent. So visiting a sex specialist makes them insecure and anxious. Many men wait for years before consulting a doctor for fear of being judged by society and the burning question-“What will people think about me?” They are terrified of being ridiculed among their peers and family. Men need to understand that doctors are trained to provide the right health advice and tests. There is no need to be embarrassed about bringing up a problem before it becomes ‘a major issue. Sex not only has the potential to give birth to a new life but also increases bonding between partners, increases their compatibility, but when either of the partner is unable to perform it can strain a relationship beyond repair

We are the one stop solution to all the problems faced by men like loss of libido, premature ejaculations, decreased stamina etc. we offer ayurveda treatment with no side effects for problems which are faced by today’s young generation i.e. both males and females.The couples who face these problems can’t consider normally in any capacity whatsoever. The vast majority of these couples face auxiliary fertility issues with either the man or lady along with primary sexual disorders. The center likewise helps couples with a history of repetitive pregnancy misfortunes or conveying hereditarily acquired issues.

We are one of the main Fertility and IVF destinations in North India and are having a tremendous effect on the lives of couples who are childless or confronting fertility issues in either or both the accomplices. With our top-notch offices and group of master fertility pros who follow an all-encompassing way to deal with IVF, mixing current procedures with Ayurvedic rehearses, our Clinic has been reliable in delivering phenomenal outcomes and providing euphoria to several families.

We invest wholeheartedly in the tradition of treating fertility problems faced by men and women alike which can even cause problems for couples who are trying to start a family. . This makes our Center exceptional to satisfy any couple’s fantasy about beginning a family. We have a place with a group of very experienced doctors who represent considerable authority in the treatment of sexual issues for more than 90 years. Our organization was established by Late Dr. CK Jain son of Late Rajayavaid Pt.chandrasen Jain who was a gupt rog specialist and dreamt of his own establishment for the betterment and welfare of people. Since then, our sole mission is to provide the best treatment to people suffering from sexual disorders, mental disorders, and digestive disorders.

Since not  being able to bear a child can be really traumatic for a couple, and the constant hormone therapies can be really exhausting for the female body. We at the DR AK Jain clinic  also provide couples the most obvious opportunity in regards to accomplishing their fantasy about having a family that they desire, as they are given customized and A-list quality treatment. The facility follows universally perceived protocol while playing out the IVF systems in order to expand the odds of achievement through the least number of endeavors. We make this conceivable through a comprehensive methodology for the couples looking for fertility treatment by mixing the most recent IVF Techniques with the customary Ayurvedic practices to guarantee a high achievement rate as well as a calm IVF experience for both the mother and the infant. We provide simple EMI options to the couples making the IVF strategy easy on the pocket so that the couples can focus on their dream of starting a family without being worried about expensive treatment.

Our goal at the clinic is to help such people and enable them to find peace and joy in life through their own child. Our major doctors, Dr. AK Jain and his prodigal son Dr. Sankalp Jain are working tirelessly to make all of this possible.

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It is not easy to accept that you are suffering from a sexual disorder, given the society we live in and it’s taboo on sexual matters.


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