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Dhat Syndrome

In the dhat syndrome, males usually believe that they have premature ejaculation and suffer from impotence apart from just leaking the white seminal fluid during urination. This loss frightens them into developing a sense of depression as the fear of semen loss is very strong in the subcontinent. Young men from a rural background or of a lower socioeconomic status typically complain of this syndrome. It may be further categorized under three heads:

Only Dhat: In this case, the patients present with hypochondriacal oriented symptoms attributed to the loss of semen.

Dhat accompanied by anxiety or depression: In this case, depression or anxiety is the core condition that may be accompanied by Dhat.

Dhat accompanied by sexual dysfunction: In such cases, the patient may complain of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other psychosexual dysfunction conditions such as depressive neurosis, somatoform/ hypochondriasis, or anxiety neurosis.