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30 min | ₹3,500

Female Fertility Test lets you know about your future fertile life. Book this test if you want to get sure if there is something wrong with your reproductive system. Diagnosis from a Female Gynaecologist is included with this test.


30 min | ₹2,100

What if you are sure about your Partner’s Sexual Health before marriage? There is an exponential rise in Infertility cases in India. Both the partners are equally responsible for the problems in conceiving baby after marriage. Sexual and Infertility Health is now one of the major reason for rise in Divorce cases in India. STDs and STI ruin peoples lives. Don’t Worry, we will take care of all aspects of Marriage Health to keep you safe and healthy. This is a couple test, in this the Blood sample will be collected from your doorstep and all the necessary test will be performed for you to have a healthy married life.


30 min | ₹2,200

Male or Female, Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are common problems that the youth is facing. This is because of unprotected sex and one of a reason is having multiple sex partners. You should be extra careful because this can cause major problem in conceiving for the female sex partner. Get yourself tested for any kind of infections if you are exposed to any of the reasons above or you feel any discomfort down there. Your Identity is kept 100% CONFIDENTIAL. Diagnosis and Treatment Prescription is included with this test.


30 min | ₹899

Low Sperm Count is a major issue in recent generation because of the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and pollution.This issue is generally considered as a Taboo in Indian Male Society but she be taken care of on regular basis. Be not only provide the test results but Diagnosis and Treatment too.Book this Sperm Health Test to be sure of your fertile wellbeing.Your identity is kept 100% CONFIDENTIAL.


30 min | ₹799

First our doctors will talk to you about your problems. This blood test will let you know every deficiency in your body and also includes diagnosis of the future or present ailments.


25 min | ₹899

It is really important to evaluate your penis health before you get married. Our super experienced Doctors will analyse your penis health in relation with size, length, thickness, girth and other physicals aspects of organ health. Experts will also suggest you home remedies/products/treatments to cure your issue.